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Dunk Booth

Big Splash- For Use Indoors and Outdoors

Dunk Tanks have been a great fun for many years. However, they are limited in that they can't be used in the winter. A few years ago Twister Display introduced the Big Splash, which is essentially a dunk tank in reverse -- instead of the person falling in the water, the water falls on them! Now Twister Display has brought the fun and excitement inside with the Big Splash Indoor Kit. This kit extends the dunk tank fun into the winter months. The heavy-duty vinyl booth keeps the water contained. Plus, it can operate with as little as 5 gallons of water. This is also an advantage over the traditional dunk tank, which requires 500 gallons. The submersible pump recirculates the water, so that theBig Splash can be used where there is no running water. The Indoor Kit includes: •Heavy-Duty Vinyl Booth, with Industrial Zipper •Steel Framework •Submersible Pump
CAUTION! Water may splash out of dunk booth area.


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